Brave Crazy Girl…and Meeting Your Destiny

My purpose…

I started this blog to show people that they should be serious about exploring how there mind works and explore their abilities and to market (like someone taught me..wink) my exquisite fictional writing skills online.

Three years ago, my college sophomore daughter, Star, got into bicycle riding. And by riding, I don’t mean little jaunts three blocks away to the ultimate Frisbee field. I’m talking 20-mile, 30-mile, 60-mile rides out of town, down canopy roads and into the next state.

It surprised me, because in high school, exercising was a priority even lower than sleeping.

But I was happy, and I listened with a smile as Star would talk to me afterwards about how much fun she had, how sore she was, how terrified she’d been when this or that dog came flying at her.

A couple of times she even got bitten; it didn’t make me smile when I heard that.

Two years ago, this same daughter hatched a plan with a friend who also liked riding. Star and Nikky decided they wanted to ride their bicycles across the United States, starting on the Atlantic coast and ending up on the Pacific.

Awesome idea! I chirruped, never thinking they’d actually do it. Yes, I think that’s a great idea! I said, the next time she brought it up. Oh, you’ll never forget it! I encouraged, the time after that when she mentioned it again.

You see where this is going. And yes, it’s exactly where it went. Those two girls stuck with that idea through their junior and senior years. They set a date to leave (Sept 8, the day after Labor Day), a departure city (St. Augustine, Florida), and a destination town (Big Sur, California).

They both worked all summer after they graduated to save money. By that time they were living and working in different cities, two hours’ drive apart, but they Skyped over the summer to work on their route planning and got together a couple of weekends. And, every day in their own locations, rode and rode and rode to get ready for the trip.

Even through the summer, I half expected one or the other of them to ditch the idea. I mean, riding across the entire country? Three thousand miles? Would that not be daunting to the bravest of us? And these two were just a couple of 22-year-old girls!

I don’t have to tell you what happened. Star and Nikky of course didn’t give up on the idea. They never even WAVERED. They just kept planning, saving, riding, and preparing, in a very low-key, understated way.
And then Star said, “Mom, do you guys want to come see us off when we leave?”
Hell, yeah!

Half a second later, I was on, looking up a place to stay in St. Augustine, and half a second after that, I had it nailed down and paid for.
Star and Nikky left exactly as planned, on September 8, from St. Augustine.

It just so happened that the city was celebrating its 450th anniversary, so there were giant banners hanging off all of the buildings, and the morning that the girls left, there was a big parade getting ready to happen. It felt to me like the entire city was out to wave the girls off.

It has been eight weeks since Star and Nikky left the Atlantic coast and wheeled west. Their route has taken them through Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, New Mexico, and the states in between.

This week they crossed from Arizona into Nevada, and by this weekend, they’ll be in California, with about a week to go before they touch the Pacific ocean at Big Sur.
Really, I couldn’t be prouder. Star has posted photos on Instagram and Facebook along the way, and with every post, I am in awe.

That’s my girl out there, I say to myself. She is strong and she is brave and she is persevering. She is experiencing the grace of strangers at every place she stays, and the welcoming hearts of new friends who are cheering her on.

She is proving to herself that she can undertake something big and crazy and daunting and actually pull it off!
Yeah. That’s my girl.